Laboratory Capabilities

Pro-Ject Chemicals uses state of the art lab equipment for all our product development and performance testing needs. Product line and technical services is led by a well-known industry professional with over 40 years of experience.
Lab capabilities include:

- Production Oil Physical Properties Testing
- Deposits removal/treatment product selection
- Viscosity Profile for Production Oil and Commercial Products
- Cold Finger
- ATP and Microbial Culture Bottle
- Emulsion Breaker Testing
- Water Clarifier Testing
- Scale Inhibitor Solubility Testing
- CID Testing for Corrosion Inhibitor Filming efficiency
- Paraffin Wax Solvency Testing
- Foamer Efficiency Testing
- Paraffin Wax Melt Point Testing
- Paraffin Wax Melt Point Testing
- Basic Solids Analysis
- Corrosion Coupon Analysis
- Iron and Manganese Analysis
- Quality Control Testing for PH, density, freeze point and viscosity profile