Sync Mode

- Sync mode allows the Production Well to define the Chemical injection dosage.
- Sync mode can store, queue and replay missed injections throughout the day.
- Ensuring that Production Fluids are available for adequate flushing of Chemicals.
- Illustrated below is a typical Sync Mode injection over 31 days.

Notice this particular Well Run time is only 2.2 hours a day for the last 30 days. The Ayre-Flo is configured to perform 8 microbatch injections each day, using Sync Mode, every day is being treated at different times and frequencies due to the actual Well Production run time. Sync Mode will store and perform mulitple injections if needed in order to make its true PPM dosage each and every day.

Integrated Flush

Achieves high flush velocities utilizing very low volumes of circulated fluids.

Phased Array
Provides partitioned rinse cycles for multi-chemical applications

Self Inoculation
Prevents cross contamination of well fluids via Treater Truck or Hot Oil programs.

ATTENTION: Do Not Hot Oil and Do Not Truck-Treat